Comic Review: Myre – The Chronicles of Yria-Volume 1 & 2

Comic Review: Myre – The Chronicles of Yria-Volume 1 & 2

The comic "Myre-The Chronicles of Yria: Book 1 & 2" by the Berlin artist and author Claudya» ALECTORFENCER «Schmidt is the result of a successful crowdfunding project. This fact alone, should make the comic special. Mrs. Schmidt has invested a total of 5 years in this work and you can also note that every page and every single stroke.

The comic is an exception for me personally. The drawings are so extremely detail-loving, imaginative, outlandish and lovingly staged that, almost every single panel, I thought, "Wow! You'd have to have that as a poster! ' But more on that later.

I have read through the comic and will tell you about the fantastic journey I was able to experience alongside Myre. So you guys already realize, I'm pretty excited. I am therefore already warning, it will be a somewhat rampant criticism this time ...

By the way, you can also marvel at Claudya Schmidt's art in DeviantArt. Really very ingenious pictures with it, a look is worth it – or two, or three ...

Claudya Schmidt is currently working on a spin-off to the comic book series called "Lores of Yria-Haunter of Dreams." You can also support them through Patreon and then receive exclusive material or access officially released material before anyone else.

I found an interesting interview with the artist and author on the Youtube channel "DeinAntiheld" and did not want to withhold it from you.

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"Myre" tells of how the eponymous anti-heroine and her faithful dragon Varug involuntarily embark on a journey where they are to explore the secrets of a world that seems to have long since become extinct. This world is called Yria. A world of devastation and post-apocalypse, littered with barren landscapes where there is no green and barely life.

Myre-The Chronicles of Yria-Volume 1-Page 14

Of course, this has not always been the case. Long ago, Yria was full of life, dotted with lush meadows. Yria is said to have become this inhospitable place only when the ancestors of the present-day inhabitants of Yria reinlisted and cheated on the country's former rulers. The Ylducians, giant, powerful dragons and the fathers respectively. Creator of these ancestors. This people wanted to embrace the knowledge and power of the dragons and stole their life force, their hearts, in secret.

Myre-The Chronicles of Yria-Volume 1-Page 79

This eventually led to the Ylducian's children getting hold with their creators and the dragons burning everything to an ash desert before they retreated and secretly waited for what was stolen from them to be brought back.

Myre-The Chronicles of Yria-Volume 1-Page 89

The comic's actual plot sets in long after Yria became a lifeless desert. The people are portrayed as humanized animals, that is, anthropomorphic. It has scrambled in small, far-flung villages and struggles to survive on a daily basis. Resources are scarce and mysterious, so-called "hikers" terrorize and plunder these villages, which is why their inhabitants live in constant fear.

Myre-The Chronicles of Yria-Volume 1-Page 58

Myre is a traveller, a kind of nomad, so someone without a permanent residence. Their home is the desert itself. When her supplies, especially lighter fuel, run out, she goes to one of the villages. Because gasoline is a banned commodity in Yria, it has to seek out black market traders, which is a dangerous endeavor. Myre carries with him a very special treasure, which these black market traders seem to be looking for: A mysterious flute. This flute seems closely linked to Yria's fate. What's behind it? Why do the black market traders want to steal them? Can the world of Yria possibly be revived with their help?

Myre-The Chronicles of Yria-Volume 1-Page 9


Erzählstil 10/10

This comic gets by with surprisingly little text, and very well. Dialogues are rare, but you still always know what the characters think, thanks to the detailed images. Clearly, much remains unsaid, but the images transport everything necessary to understand the story. The situation comedy that partly results from this is brilliantly implemented and at least I have not yet held anything comparably good in my hands.

Myre-The Chronicles of Yria-Volume 1-Page 15-16

If Myre were now wordly upset about the non-functioning lighter in the picture shown above, the situation comedy would be far less elegant and perhaps even flat. But so, it is a situation that at least some smokers should know and still make non-smokers smile – just with the situation itself.

The speech bubbles, if some are to be seen, in my opinion even appear in part more like foreign objects in the picture. You just realise that in most cases they were put over the picture in hindsight. Unlike the vivid images, they are very rigid, straight and thus seem "lifeless." Perhaps one wanted to use a particularly understated style of speech bubbles to put the images more in the foreground and not to distract too much from them. But in some other panels, the speech bubbles are again directly incorporated into the picture and thus seem much more dynamic, lively and, until the last brushstroke, much more suitable for the drawings. The difference is obvious, which almost resembles a style break.

Myre-The Chronicles of Yria-Volume 1-Page 63

While this is meckers at the height of the Himalayas, I find one should always use the same style at the same hierarchy level of speech bubbles. Nevertheless, you get used to it quickly and it doesn't bother as much as it might seem now. It doesn't happen that often, either.

And because the comic has a very own extraordinary narrative style, which I have never experienced before and find pigs horny, I give him here, despite the trifles mentioned, the full 10 points he has more than earned.

Zeichenstil 10/10

Uff. So what can be said about that? Hammer? ingenious? Overwhelming? I can't remember when I read a comic in that drawing quality. This is more a collection of artworks or elaborate illustrations that together yield a story than a classic comic. I can completely lose myself in any picture and immerse myself in the details, like a chubby warm bubble bath. It's just fantastic. Each panel is a work of art in its own right, and as I said in the introduction, each is "poster-worthy." In the interview given by the author and illustrator of this masterpiece, which I incorporated at the beginning of this review, she mentioned that it was often negative in other comics that the cover is worked out in a really detailed way, but in the case of the Inside, a very reduced style is used, some of which bears little resemblance to the cover. And she just didn't want to do that. What is hinted at on the cover, she also wanted to continue in exactly the same way, true to the motto "What you see is what you get." And witty wise, that was exactly what I thought when I held this comic in my hands, because that's exactly what she succeeded perfectly.

You are certainly very surprised now, but for this feat of drawing art there is from me * drum roll * * art break * ... The full 10 points. That's when you look, what? Hadn't you thought, ne?

Geschichte 8/10

In the original version, the story is 160 pages. Here in the splinter version it was split into two volumes ... This can be disturbing, because you have to buy and read two volumes and don't have everything together, but so you have 2 hardcover comics in beautiful cover. Has its advantages, too.

All in all, after the two volumes, we know that there is a world that has been destroyed by lust for power and that needs to be rebuilt. For this you need a chosen one with a probably magical artifact – that is, Myre and her flute – and some companions who support the heroine in her journey. Whether this flute is truly magical or should have any part in the revival of the world has not yet been said clearly enough. Much more, unfortunately, there is also no action to say yet. So it can only be seen as the beginning of a fantastic hero's journey with relatively typical elements.

The story, however, is staged very exciting and captivatingly. I fevered from side to side and searched the two volumes. Unfortunately, the story stops with a pretty nasty cliffhanger.

But it also makes animal pleasure for a follow-up band that starts exactly where it ends. Unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer for this, because only the aforementioned spin-off will appear, which tells of a completely different person and will presumably have little to nothing to do with the story lines of this comic.

By the way, the background story of the world Yria is told in its own unique style and is presented more as a tradition of sages and prophets. I saw a really cool artifice.

Myre-The Chronicles of Yria-Volume 1-Page 4-5

I enjoyed the story exceptionally and I want to see more of it lesen/. Best immediately, as I already feel like I'm on withdrawal. But because you get offered relatively little actual action, unfortunately I can't award more than 8 points.

Charaktere 8/10

In total, we got to know 5 characters in more detail in these two volumes: Myre, Varug, Boozer, Lutz and Soyga. A real antagonist in the classical sense has not yet been introduced, it is also questionable whether there will be. The action presumably does not require a single distracting person to act as an opponent.

The protagonist Myre is once again portrayed a bit difficult and opinionated, her dragon Varug perhaps a little milder but similar. Very little has yet been learned of Boozer, but one can assume that he might well be something like Yoda in history. A wise old man who has seen and experienced many things, has special magical abilities, knows the prophecy and advises, supports and ensures that the prophecy can come true. Lutz is only known to be a lone thief and Soyga to be a confused, old and also lonely sage.

I still think it's an interesting mix of relatively classic archetypes that are often used for fantasy adventures and give 8 out of 10 possible points.

Erwartungen erfüllt 9/10

My expectations were frankly far exceeded in terms of drawing art. Overall, I might have expected more action, but I'm surprised how well it works and still tension can be built up. My expectations regarding the genre have also been absolutely met. There are all the necessary elements for a successful hero's journey.

I therefore give 9 out of 10 possible points.


In conclusion, all I can say is who is a comic fan and hasn't read this comic yet hasn't actually lived yet. It is a fascinating experience to read a comic with such pictorial power. And since not only are the images terrific, but the story is really captivating – even if not much actual plot is offered – I can't say anything other than that the comic is more than recommended and belongs in every well-stocked comic shelf.

You can buy the comic directly from Splitter Verlag as Volume 1 and Volume 2. Or you buy it from the author herself as a single volume, but then in English. Little tip: On the author's page you can also buy posters and cards with motifs from the comic.


Erzählstil 10

Zeichenstil 10

Geschichte 8

Charaktere 8

Erwartungen erfüllt 9



Myre – The Chronicles of Yria-Volume 1
Myre – The Chronicles of Yria-Volume 2
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